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  • EPS Holeyboard
  • Flute Filler
  • Special Shapes Foam
  • Garage Door Insulation
  • Ceiling Tile
  • Blockout Foam


EPS Holeyboard

High performance substrate for insulating lightweight roof deck assemblies.
Powerfoam insulation holey board is for use in roof-ceiling design numbers:
D916, P231, P246, P251, P255, P410, P411, P509, P511, P513, P707, P708, P810, P901, P902, P905, P906, P907, P910, P911, P913, P916, P917, P919, P920, P921, P922, and P923.
Consult the UL Fire Resistance directory for illustration of designs and fire resistance ratings.

Flute Filler

Powerfoam Flute Filler is a cost effective way to level your metal roof decks.
PROFILE CUT FLUTE FILLER will custom fill entire flute spaces while adding insulation value. All profiles are available in a variety of densities to meet compressive strength requirements.
SQUARE CUT FLUTE FILLER insulation is a much more economical way to fill voids in profile roof decks and still provide additional insulation value to each project. Square cut flute filler insulation is also available for any size flute.

Special Shapes Foam

Powerfoam provides expanded polystyrene architectural shapes to the building industry as an alternative to heavy, cumbersome concrete, plaster and wood shapes used for decorative designs and sculptures.

Coated with acrylic finishes or painted, Powerfoam architectural shapes are attractive, durable and lightweight, providing the contractor with a labor saving, cost effective way to decorate each project.

Powerfoam has been providing special shapes to the EIFS industry for over 15 years and has developed a reputation for quality and on-time service.


Garage Door Insulation

Powerfoam's Garage Door Insulation kits are a fast and convenient way to insulate a garage door from summer heat and winter cold.
Cost effective and convenient, one garage door insulation kit can be installed on an 8' or 16' garage door in a very short period of time.
Each kit consists of UL rated expanded polystyrene laminated with a high impact plastic facer for durability and easy cleaning. The kit has a thermal rating of R-5 and is moisture resistant. Each piece is grooved to provide a "snap in" fit for easy installation.
Just use the easy to follow instructions included with the kit and turn your garage into a more comfortable useable space.

Ceiling Tile

POWERFOAM Ceiling Tile is Factory Mutual approved ceiling tile available in standard or custom sizes that can also add insulation value to your ceiling project.

POWERFOAM "Poly-Tile" can be used below the level of existing sprinkler systems. This allows it to be used to add a drop ceiling to a warehouse or office space without lowering the sprinklers and thus saving thousands of dollars on retrofit jobs.

POWERFOAM also produces a premium ceiling tile laminated (not FM rated) with high impact polystyrene for easy cleaning and appeal.


  • Insulated
  • Plastic Laminate
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Water Resistant
  • Easily Cut
  • Cleaner than Fiberglass
  • More Rigid than Fiberglass
  • Very Attractive

Blockout Foam

Powerfoam has been supplying blockout foam to the building and concrete industries for more than 15 years.
Powerfoam will produce the blockouts in either standard or custom sizes and deliver them throughout the South Central United States.
One-quarter inch to 36 inch thickness, the Powerfoam 37" x 49.5" x 195" blocks provide the countless size options for the contractor. High density foam is also available for more demanding specifications.
Uses for Expanded Polystyrene Blockouts
Manufacturers of EPS - A Versatile Product with a Variety of Uses From Insulation Packaging to Flotation